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Oxford Green Candle co. was created in my home in 2016 with the hope to create candles that use only 100% soy wax, cotton, lead-free wicks, free of chemicals, safe for the environment, and produced right here in the USA.  

I have always had a love (ok, obsession) for candles, but when I realized how many toxins were being emitted into my home and environment I decided to find a safer alternative.

Soo... I began to create my own soy candles and after MUCH experimentation, time, and hard work, Oxford Green Candle Co. was born!! Each candle is hand-crafted with great care and precision in my small NC home (on Oxford Green), which has become an overflowing candle factory..and I can't imagine it any other way!

I absolutely love making my family and friends beautiful candles...there's just something about a giving a heartfelt, hand-made gift.  It occurred to me that I could share this experience with others...and, that's how the Workshops + the Scent Bar concepts were born!

I'm so excited that you've stumbled upon my little space on the net, and I hope to ignite your senses soon!


Susan blakesley

Owner, Master Chandler

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